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Shoeheel Land Management Land Real Estate Timber Recreational Leasing Appraisals Shoeheel Land Management specializes in the management of agricultural lands in both North and South Carolina, with an emphasis on forest consulting. No matter the objective; forest management, forest investment/appraisals, recreation, wildlife, aesthetics; our staff is capable of helping you meet you management goals. Shoeheel Land Management utilizes registered foresters and real estate brokers that can help define and meet client objectives at any scale, large or small. We as a company understand the importance of owning land, and we want to help you manage your land and resources to their full potential.

By meeting with landowners one on one, the needs and goals can be discussed and priorities set. Our experienced staff customizes a forest management plan that fits each individual landowner. Shoeheel Land Management realizes that every landowner is different, and that is what makes each forest management plan that is prepared by Shoeheel Land Management unique.

Whether it’s newly acquired property or has been passed down for generations, it’s never too late to start actively managing your timberland asset. By utilizing all of the individualized services provided by Shoeheel Land Management, landowners can build and gain a better understanding of forest and land management.

Shoeheel Land Management Services

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