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Shoeheel Land Management Land Real Estate Timber Recreational Leasing AppraisalsThe harvesting of standing timber to generate revenue and accomplish objectives that are described in the forest management plan. Timber sales involve computing volume estimates and marketing of the standing timber. There are two ways that timber is usually sold, sealed bid lump sum or by the unit/ton. The sale method is determined by using specific criteria, including harvest type, wood quality, and special site conditions, always focusing on maximizing timber revenue.

Marketing of the forest products that are going to be produced during the harvest, can also determine the type of sale that may be performed. Demands for certain forest products, during specific economic times, may require immediate action to maximize returns on your forestry investment. After the sale method is determined, the forested stand is statistically sampled (Timber Cruise) to determine volume estimates in that given stand according to size, quality, or other characteristics. The estimated volume, expressed in thousand board feet (MBF) or tons, is then used to determine the value of the standing timber, allowing for a minimum timber value to be established for the sale.

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