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Prescribed Burning

Shoeheel Land Management Land Real Estate Timber Recreational Leasing AppraisalsA prescribed burn introduces fire to a specific area under acceptable weather condition, in which the fire can be controlled. Prescribed burning is a cost effective tool that is used to attain specific objectives that may be required or written in a forest management plan. With over 30 years of experience, Shoeheel Land Management can satisfy all of your prescribe burning needs. A burning plan, prepared by one of our NC Certified Burners, that details the desired goal and acceptable parameters can be written and implemented by Shoeheel Land Management. During the inspection of the tract to be burned, Smoke Sensitive Areas (SSA) are determined and noted on the necessary documents for use in the preparation of the burning plan. Depending on the tract location and Smoke Sensitive Areas, some tracts may not be safe to burn or have limited parameters that a burn can be performed.

There are several reasons for prescribed burning:

  • Hazard reduction – Reduces the fuel load present on the forest floor and reduces wildfire risk.
  • Wildlife habitat improvement – Low intensity burn that promotes growth of herbaceous weeds and native grasses.
  • Vegetation control – Control of unwanted woody vegetation that allows for growth of desirable or favorable species.
  • Successional Habitat Manipulation – Low impact manipulation of successional habitat stages, with little use of heavy machinery.

Shoeheel Land Management performs an onsite weather inspection before every burn, to ensure that all current weather parameters are acceptable and follow the burning plan. After the burn is completed, a post burn evaluation is performed, which determines if the burn was satisfactory and if any mop up is necessary.

To learn more about Prescribed Burning, contact Shoeheel Land Management today.

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