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Recreational Hunting Leases

Shoeheel Land Management Land Real Estate Timber Recreational Leasing Appraisals The goal of Shoeheel’s recreational resource management service is to discuss and implement recreational opportunities that produce a recreational experience, resulting in landowner and user satisfaction. These opportunities could involve wildlife management activities that target preferred species for hunting leases, which could also generate additional income, or non-game species that landowners could just enjoy viewing on their property. Landowners often think forest management and recreational activities cannot coexist within the same parcel of land. Shoeheel Land Management makes recommendations that considers all activities and goals that are of interest to our clients. Shoeheel Land Management realizes that recreational leases can be a challenge for landowners to implement and monitor. With over 20 years of hunting lease experience, Shoeheel Land Management can manage all hunting/fishing leases between clients and specific clubs.

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